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Public Private Strategies

Enhanced Use Leasing (EUL)

BBPC is on the cutting edge of implementing EUL transactions as means for capitalizing underutilized assets and catalyzing redevelopment.  As their real estate development consultant, we first guided state and local entities, then federal government agencies, by implementing into practice the concept of reusing government real property assets through leases with the private sector.  For decades, we employed leasing, long before passage of EUL legislation.  In our 21-year history, BBPC has provided EUL assistance to all four military branches, the Coast Guard, Office of the Secretary of Defense, and Department of Veterans Affairs, as well as clients at the state and local level.

BBPC has implemented leasing projects under enhanced-use leasing provisions, as well as through economic development conveyances, 10 U.S.C Section 2667 leases, and single-base special purpose federal legislation.  In these endeavors, our government clients have entered into short- and long-term leases permitting greater flexibility for facility reuse, and in return have received income or in-kind compensation on leased properties negating the need for Congressional appropriations.

The practical alternatives provided by EUL have been assessed by BBPC as we guided innovative government-sponsored endeavors.  Rather than demolish “excess” property no longer required, and risk loss of property to other public, and perhaps even private parties later without Agency benefits, we have explored and implemented exchanges, sub-leases, and other creative public-private transfer/financing mechanisms to help fund maintenance, repairs, and construction.