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Public Private Strategies

Public Private Partnerships

BBPC pioneered innovative techniques that continue to be applied nationally in public private real estate ventures.  As a result, hundreds of successful residential, retail, hotel, industrial, utility, office, recreational and mixed-use projects have been implemented with our assistance.

Our involvement in privatization efforts extends through all phases of the project lifecycle.  Our vast experience includes preparing solicitations, examining developer proposals, presenting recommendations to our clients, and negotiating business terms and conditions with client selected developers.  We contribute to the internal DoD dialogue on related policy issues, including providing expert testimony before the House Appropriations Committee (Subcommittee on Military Construction).

Most notably, BBPC has been involved in military housing privatization from the program’s inception, completing projects on over 75 installations across the United States.  In addition to our privatization efforts in the US, we are currently working with the Department of Navy (DoN) and Government of Japan (GOJ) to assist with the United States Marine Corps transfer to Guam. These privatization efforts, which began approximately 17 years ago, are an extension of our success in structuring, negotiating and executing public private partnerships over the firm’s 21 year history.