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Public Private Strategies

Project Feasibility Analysis and Concept Development

BBPC professionals possess a unique specialty in economic and fiscal impact analysis of public and private investments, often working on behalf of public sector agencies.  Our work includes economic and fiscal impact evaluations for a wide variety of projects, including public infrastructure/capital improvements, mixed-use, residential, commercial, retail, industrial, institutional, entertainment and transportation-related developments.

Working closely with land use and urban design professionals, we participate in physical impact assessments to describe and determine the landholding capacity of a parcel or area.   BBPC measures the economic (e.g. business sales, income and jobs) and subsequent fiscal impacts (e.g. income tax, property tax, sales tax, business license tax and permit fees) of proposed alternative capital improvement and land use alternatives during the construction period and annual operations.  Development impacts are not only measured in onsite and direct terms, but also in indirect impacts resulting from new investment in real estate and infrastructure.  In addition to these quantitative impacts, potential qualitative impacts are provided, such as effect on transportation, land use, community revitalization and adherence to particular community and/or local government goals and objectives.

BBPC evaluates the costs and benefits of specific financial incentives that may be provided to potential development projects, such as benefit assessment districts and tax increment financing.  The emphasis on potential public/private developments is also determined; this includes examining the relationships between government revenues (fees and taxes) generated by specific development in relation to the costs incurred by government (infrastructure and services) to serve that development.