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Public Private Strategies

Resident Energy Conservation Program

  • The Resident Energy Conservation Program (RECP) is a direct response to Department of Defense mandate to reduce energy across all military assets.  RECP relies on a combination of energy conservation education and a shift from owner-paid-utilities to partial tenant responsibility, with the goal of encouraging reductions in electricity and gas consumption.
  • BBPC helped structure a program that is mission feasible and encourages significant conservation.  RECP is a model for capturing potential savings in Navy’s global grid that otherwise would remain untapped and is an important tool for advancing the Secretary of Defense’s mandate regarding reductions in the use of fossil-fuel based energy.
  • BBPC reviewed and analyzed the economic impact of utilities consumption on approximately $2.5B worth of privatized assets in Navy’s portfolio.  BBPC performed business case and lifecycle cost analyses and developed a weather normalization financing model that accounts for changes in temperature and their effects on utility demands.
  • Pilot program resulted in an 8% year-over-year reduction in utility consumption.  Over 20 million kWh of energy were saved resulting in more than $4 million of financial benefit.  The program will be implemented across Navy’s $20 Billion portfolio of privatized assets, with an estimated energy savings value in excess of $100 million over the project term.